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Facial treatments

Treat yourself
a facial treatment
with peace of mind

Adapted facial treatments
in our luxury spa in Aix enProvence

Giving yourself or yourself a facial is always a moment of perfect tranquility. For a while, you are completely taken care of by one of the practitioners of our luxury spa in Aix en Provence.

It is not always easy to surrender to unknown hands, but when it comes to well-being, your well-being, you should not hesitate. Our spa in Aix en Provence is a place dedicated to soothing, calm, to fully recharge your batteries.

The facials we offer do not only enhance your beauty (with make-up for example) but indeed to bring you to a state of fullness.

Pretty skin, a relaxed and lighter spirit. Our face care experts do not pronounce enchantment but they are real magicians with their hands.

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