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Candles, an essential fashion accessory for several years

Different scents to perfume each part of your cocoon

The candle is an accessory that has existed for centuries. But if its use is primarily functional, the last decade has seen this object go from fashion accessory to iconic. Definitely!
It is the chic and elegant gift that one offers or offers.

Today a candle will first be chosen and enhanced by its design before its smell.
There is a whole art behind this wax object. We choose them artisanal, worked.
They are sometimes real works of art.

In the shop area of ​​our SPA in the heart of Aix-en-Provence we chose 2 brands with real ethics and a fascinating and passionate history.

- Byredo created by the Swedish Ben Gorham

- Fornasetti created by the Italian Piero Fornasetti

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