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Pamper yourself with top quality makeup

Jane Iredale a brand of cosmetics that takes care of your skin both outside and inside

Make-up is an essential beauty treatment for millions of women worldwide.
It is important to take care of yourself and your beauty every morning.
But in a world where organic cosmetics are more and more acclaimed by our skin, it is important to choose creams, eyeshadows and other powders, or even perfumes that we will apply to our face.

Your skin must be pampered, enhanced, protected with healthy and non-toxic products.
Our luxury SPA in Aix en Provence has understood this and has developed a partnership with a brand that corresponds to all of its values.

Make-up (day or evening, light or more marked) is a very important moment for each of us. But it is essential to have products well suited to your skin type for a successful beauty treatment.

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