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our tailor-made slimming

Treatments and cures
adapted to your skin

Need a slimming treatment combining performance and efficiency in Aix en Provence? We have what you need. Whether you need a smoothing of dimples, a reduction in the orange peel appearance or an attenuation of cellulite, our experts can concoct a tailor-made slimming treatment according to your expectations.

In our Aix en Provence SPA, we listen to our customers. Support and advice are strong values ​​for all SR MAZARINE staff.
We offer high quality slimming treatments from the biggest brands recognized in the "slimming" universe.

Depending on your skin, your body and your desires, we offer a personalized program with an adequate number of sessions for visible results at the end.

We do not promise weight loss because it is not the goal of a slimming treatment, but a smoothed and toned body.

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