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Crème lumière sublime

This innovative anti-spot cream is inspired by the secrets of the Korean pharmacopoeia for a flawless complexion. The active botanical ingredients used in this treatment help to correct spots and illuminate the complexion for a perfect and protected skin in the long term.

Suitable for all skin types

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Lumière Sublime®, is the new revolutionary solution to correct and prevent spots while boosting the radiance of the complexion.

Inspired by the Traditional Korean Pharmacopoeia, this innovative cream concentrates all the strength of plants with "perfect skin" virtues used by Korean women to obtain their porcelain complexion.

The Magnolia Kobus and Licorice complex has a powerful anti-dark spot power. The stem of the Magnolia Kobus flower has an antioxidant power 1000 times greater than that of vitamin E. The root of Licorice has an anti-spotting power 100 times greater than that of vitamin C thanks to its content of glabridine, one of the most powerful natural depigmentary molecules. Much more than a cream, the Lumière Sublime® Cream teaches the skin to act on three elements: prevention and correction of spots, uniformity of the complexion and cellular protection against UV rays while ensuring optimal hydration. The skin is luminous and the complexion even.

This cream contains natural active ingredients, without silicone or mineral oil from petrochemicals. An ultra-effective care with a militant formulation !