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Bal D'Afrique 100ml

This powerful and exotic fragrance from the Byredo brand is one of the must-haves

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"Bal d'Afrique" is one of my first perfumes. At the time it was formulated, I was obsessed with translating memories into perfume. At the same time, I felt confident enough to include an imaginary component. My father lived and traveled in Africa for about 10-15 years. I read his diaries; the way he travelled on cargo ships, meeting all kinds of different people . For me, it was the fantasy of arriving in Africa through someone else's words. Bal d'Afrique reflects that; it's an imaginary journey as well as a complete celebration of how I see African culture and its influence".

Focusing on beauty, fantasy and exoticism, BAL D'AFRIQUE is Ben Gorham's (creator of the Byredo brand) "love letter" to Africa. In wanting to summarize and celebrate the reach and influence of Africa through time, particularly the way its myriad cultures have shaped dance, art and music, the idea of an imaginary event