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Cinq Mondes

Formulated mainly from natural and / or organic ingredients, we have chosen these products for their unique efficacy, texture and fragrance. A complete range of essential products that will seduce you with their fabulous sensoriality:
-Face: Cleansers & Toners, Exfoliators & Purifiers, Precious Elixirs®, Creams & Serums
-Cody: Cleansers & Exfoliants, Hair Care , Moisturizers, Hands & Feet, Aromatic Fresh Waters
-Detox-Slimming: Firming Care

Biologique Recherche

Biologist, Physiotherapist, Doctor: Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche have combined their know-how and their passion to write a unique and visionary story in the world of cosmetic care.

A clinical approach to aesthetic care, products intended to be pure, concentrated, almost raw, and original and rigorous protocols found the reputation for amazing effectiveness of the Biologique Recherche Methodology.

Laura Mercier

An exceptional range of professional make-up, exclusively at Spa SR Mazarine! Known all over the world for her unique way of enhancing the complexion, Laura Mercier is a professional makeup artist creating her own line of products.

Laura Mercier has created a simple beauty journey concept, in 4 steps for a perfect complexion. This is the concept "FLAWLESS FACE" (or "Flawless skin"). The beautification of the complexion is thus perfectly natural and invisible ...

Fragrances Byredo

Ben Gorham, a graduate of Fine Arts in Stockholm, luckily met a perfumer who persuaded him to create perfumes rather than paint.

He surrounded himself with world-renowned perfumers, explaining his olfactory desires and leaving them freedom of composition.

By limiting the number of raw materials, a clear identity and a reason to exist for each fragrance is given.

Liquides imaginaires

These fragrances open up an intangible world to us, representing the fruit of our imagination. Liquides Imaginaires are a fantastic metamorphosis of an invisible reality. Volatile bodies that help to leave the material world to enter imaginary universes. "These perfumes , potion or antidote, symbolize shadow and light, day and night, wisdom and intoxication. Opposite and inseparable, the Trilogy is their spirit. ” An olfactory concept by Pilippe Di Méo.

The brand: The word perfume comes from the Latin "par", which means "through" and "fumus" which means "smoke". Because it was a question of burning incense and resins during religious ceremonies. The perfume then plays its first role in the sacred, as an offering to the gods before later adorning itself with bewitching virtues in order to seduce.

Nail polish


O.P.I., the world's number 1 professional product for nails, has combined high performance technology with an acute sense of color since their creation. Discover the whole O.P.I range. in store!


Byredo candles

Byredo has created a modern, unique and logical approach to creating its perfumes. By limiting the number of raw materials, a clear identity and a reason to exist for each fragrance is given. The candle line consists of 20 unique scents.

Fornasetti candles

The famous Italian designer Fornasetti has succeeded in making magnificent candles with captivating scents in handmade porcelain boxes becoming real decorative items to collect.

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