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Concentré précieux

Cinq Mondes Precious Concentrate is a serum with a fluid texture that acts on wrinkles and spots while bringing firmness and radiance to the eye and lip contours. Suitable for all skin types

Cinq Mondes


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This precious concentrate comes from a ritual in Kyoto, Japan

This 30 ml bottle contains a patented active lipid complex to protect cells and fight free radicals

To combat the effects of aging on the skin, Cinq Mondes has chosen "Avena Sativa", a patented active ingredient for an immediate lifting action. And because you are looking for a long-term effect, you can count on "Arbutine" to help reduce pigmentation spots. This concentrate is also enriched with vegetal hyaluronic acid® to maintain hydration, protect the skin and fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Translated with (free version)