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Eau de bengalore

Five Worlds Bengalore Water is an aromatic mist to spray on your body, hair or linens. Discover its soothing virtues from a warm and relaxing blend of Cardamom and Vanilla.

Cinq Mondes


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Bengalore Water (100ml) is the result of an ancestral ritual from India and transports you on a real sensory journey. Legend has it that the Taj Mahal was built as a symbol of the eternal love of Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Literally "wonder of the palace", she was one of the most beautiful women of the Empire and her beauty was sung by poets. This fragrance from Cinq Mondes tells this legend in its fragrance and softness. Bengalore Water has the power to transform you into an empress or a princess in the depths of your soul.