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Eau du Brésil

This fresh aromatic mist for body, hair and pillow comes from the Ritual of Bahia, Brazil with the revitalizing scent of Lime, White Cedar and Coconut Water.

Cinq Mondes


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Brazilians used to dive the waterfalls in the heart of the Amazon rainforest to commune with the refreshing and purifying power of water. They took the time to recharge their spirits, to regenerate themselves thanks to nature, a true therapist.

Dive into the heart of these ancestral traditions of the Brazilian bath, the Banho, thanks to Eau du Brésil, the new Cinq Mondes fresh aromatic water with the refreshing and revitalizing power.

Eau du Brésil is "an accord of fresh lime pulp and white wood, softened with coconut water". This original composition will allow a real sensory journey like a shower in the middle of nature.