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Eau du Siam

Cinq Mondes' Siam water is a fresh, romatic mist for the body, hair and pillows with the fresh, sparkling scent of Bergamot and Guaiac Wood. Comfort and absolute softness.

Cinq Mondes


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Five Worlds Siam Water (100 ml) is a dose of freshness for anyone who wants to take it. In a few sprays, your body or your interior is transcended by a divine scent.

In the pantheon of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), the Apsaras, "nymphs walking on the waters" are celestial deities symbolizing the pleasure of the senses and the spirit

Jean-Pierre Bethouart, the famous French perfumer, was inspired by the sacred essences of the Kingdom of Siam to create this bewitching fragrance!

Wear this eau de parfum from Cinq Mondes on your skin or your hair to ensure immediate freshness.