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Eau de parfum Lacrima

Lacrima this perfume Liquides Imaginaires has reinterpreted the smell of tears. Sadness, pride or joy. Wear it as you wish according to your state of mind.

Liquides Imaginaires


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This perfume in 100 ml is loaded with tears. This fantastic water is found in myths and dreams.

Rare sometimes, precious always, a true reflection of the soul of the one who pours them, they are compared to a gem, golden amber, rain or sunlight. It is a rare pearl released from the corner of your eye, a drop of crystal placed on your cheek. Lacrima is the precious water charged with your intimate emotions, your fears, your joys, your passions, and your disappointments. Vital substance, a salty and sacred liquid.

Unique for everyone. Its perfume dissipates the wave to the soul, the sweet sadness and the tightness of heart. It is the fatal weapon against your mood swings.

In this perfume you can find notes of Pink Berries, Elémi, Smoky Wood, Benjouin, Castoréum and Mousse.