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Capteur SOS Petits Ecarts

This sensor absorbs sugars and fats, helps control blood sugar levels and weight control. Perfect to reduce small excesses!

LPG Endermologie


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The festive season, a gourmet weekend or an overly festive evening and the effects are there. Of course we don't regret this fabulous chocolate crunch or the wonderful vintage that accompanied it, but the return to normal can sometimes be depressing, especially after being on the scales.

Fortunately LPG Endermologie has the solution! Thanks to the neutralizing action of two ingredients, the LPG® SOS SMALL ECARTS Sensor traps the fat and sugars consumed. These particles are then eliminated by the body and not stored: 28 sticks of 3g, lemon-ginger flavor. No preservatives, no sugar and no artificial flavor. Powder stick of 3g to be taken 15 to 30 minutes after the meal.

Either melt on the tongue little by little or dilute in 100ml of water, or to be mixed directly with food. To be consumed quickly after preparation.

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